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Second liquor store approved in county

Congratulations to our client, Abid Khutliwala, on being the second applicant to be unanimously approved by the Coweta County Board of Commissioners for a package store license.


By Sarah Faye Campbell | Jan. 21, 2022 - 7:09 PM

Click here to read the full article on the Newnan Times Herald

Coweta County has no issued its second license for a package liquor store.

Thursday night, the Coweta County Board of Commissioners voted unanimously to grant a package liquor license for Market Place Beverage, to be built on Marketplace Drive at Posey Road, behind Bojangles and Mavis Tire, near Tractor Supply.

Several residents of Posey Road and Posey Ridge Court urged the commissioners to deny the license because the store would be so close to their homes.

While the store meets the required separation of 300 feet home, there are homes directly across Posey Road from the proposed store.

The site was already zoned under the county's old C-Commercial district.

The owner and licensee will be Abid Khutliwala. Khutliwala currently operates the Popeyes at Fischer Crossings.

Attorney George Rosenzweig, speaking for Khutliwala, said he has 20 years experience as a business owner. But his dream has always been to own a liquor store.

Rosenzweig said he has been looking for an opportunity to open his own liquor store, and now that Cowetans have voted to allow liquor stores, he has that opportunity.

The current zoning would allow many high-intensity uses, Rosenzweig said. Neighbors have expressed concerns about traffic, but the property could be developed with several high-traffic uses already.

The store will be 7,000 square feet and will meet the county's Quality Development Corridor regulations for building materials, design and landscaping.

"I think we are vey fortunate to have an applicant that is going to invest this type of money and this quality of business," Rosenzweig said. "I think this is just the type of license that we all envisioned when we voted overwhelmingly in support for this referendum."

Khutliwala said his father owned a liquor store in India, and he is very excited to be able to own his own store. "I feel like this is a very right opportunity for me and my family," he said. He said he will take similar business measures to what he has taken at Popeyes and will be a good employer and provide good training to his employees. And he will make sure there won't be any problems from his business.


Please find below video clips from the Coweta County Board of Commissioners Public Hearing and conceptual renderings of Market Place Beverage.

Market Place Beverage Conceptual Site Plan


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