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Microbrewery proposed for Savannah Street

By Joe Adgie | June 13, 2022

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A microbrewery could be on its way to Savannah Street in Newnan.

The Newnan City Council will receive information on a requested rezoning of around 0.741 acres of land at 18 Savannah Street from ILT, or Light Industrial, to CBD, or Central Business District, for the purpose of operating that microbrewery.

According to George Rosenzweig, attorney for the applicant "Southtree," the microbrewery will be molded after Line Creek Brewing Company in Peachtree City and Fayetteville, which Southtree developed and which Southtree's principals currently own and operate.

The development would include a tap room and facilities for private events and entertainment.

The council will not vote on the matter. Instead, the item presented will be intended to inform the council that the proposal will be heard before the Newnan Planning Commission at a future meeting.

Last year, the Newnan City Council approved a change to their zoning regulations that allowed for the use of what was referred to as "micro-producers," which included microbreweries, micro-wineries, and micro-distilleries.

Under the regulation change last year, micro-producers are able to open up shop in Newnan in certain zoning districts, such as the Central Business District and heavy and light industrial zoning areas. Special exceptions may be allowed in the community shopping center and general commercial zonings.

Microbreweries, as opposed to large businesses such as Anheuser-Busch or the Miller Brewing Company which produce large quantities of beer across the country, produce a certain quantity of beer in a year and are mostly sold locally.

When the regulations were changed a year ago, city officials said the zoning changes were made to give micro-producers an opportunity to invest in the city.